I am available for virtual and in-person presentations. See some samples below and go to my collaboration page to see how we can connect.

Selected in-person presentations

Schools of the future conference

This session looks at how we can use human-centered design to ensure success for all stakeholders through an introduction to systems thinking, reflections on organizational structure, and an overview of problem framing. Link

National Capstone Consortium Summit Keynote

Building a capstone program involves guiding a variety of key stakeholders toward a common destination. This keynote talk at the National Capstone Consortium summit uses Hawaiian navigational mindsets to help focus that journey. Link


Blogs can be an effective way to reflect on your teaching practice and refine your pedagogy. In this session, we’ll discuss how you can use writing about education to support these outcomes. Link

Selected virtual presentations

schools of the future conference

Capstone projects are emerging across the country as innovative learning experiences in each division. This session introduces ideas and solutions on how to incorporate the “Four (and more!) Cs of Capstone” into their project, inquiry, or problem-based learning models. Link


Having trouble explaining blockchain, NFTs, and crypto to your colleagues? This session has been designed to help onboard your educator friends into web3 using simple-to-understand mental models and use cases. Link

educators speak hawai`i

My talk titled “Going All In” on adopting a musical mindset for innovation in the classroom. Inspired by R. Michael Hendrix and Pano A. Panay’s book “Two Beats Ahead”. This talk was part of the Speak Hawai’i educator storytelling event. Link