Keeping a Curious Mindset

In this podcast interview, I cover modeling leadership for our students, creating the conditions for people to feel as if they can take risks and speak up, non-conformity as a valuable resource, and other topics on leadership and creativity. Link

How to connect student passion to a purpose through capstone projects

What happens when we provide time for students to pursue their passions and connect them to a deeper purpose through projects they design? We discuss how we shift from a teacher to a project mentor by adopting a growth mindset and how we can start this initiative in our schools. Link

The Instrument with a Smile

We speak about collaboration in the classroom, how to co-create with students, and how this might be an inspiration for business people. We talk intensively about the ʻukulele, how to use this in teaching, and some historical background of the instrument. Link


My student story about my journey in the Master’s degree program in Education Entrepreneurship at Oulu University in Finland. Link

Featured article about my work as co-director of the Middle School ʻukulele ensemble, Middle School algebra, music technology, and an eighth-grade capstone course. Link